7 Weird and Delicious Frozen Yogurt Flavors

taylor yogurt machine

Frozen yogurt and ice cream are extremely popular but there are a lot of things that people aren't aware when it comes to these frozen desserts. Frozen custard, for instance, must contain a minimum of 10% milkfat, as well as at least 1.4% egg yolk solids. There are all kinds of weird stats like this, but there are, perhaps, even more flavors themselves that are considered weird or strange. Across the country, there are Taylor yogurt machines that are churning out all kinds of... eccentric frozen yogurt flavors. Here are some of the most creative, original, and downright weird frozen yogurt flavors:
  • Avocado -- For anyone who doesn't adhere to the majority of millennials stereotypes, this flavor of frozen yogurt seems ridiculous. For anyone who enjoys the millennial way of life, however, this is the most normal dessert a person can order.
  • Watermelon sorbet and peanut butter sauce -- Sure, peanut butter is great on most frozen desserts. But on watermelon? That's kind of a strange mix of tartness and sticky peanut butter. If that's your flavor of choice, though... the more power to ya!
  • Sweet corn -- Sweet corn frozen yogurt. Okay.
  • Pineapple upside down cake -- This old-time classic dessert looks as good as it tastes in actual cake form. When it comes to frozen yogurt, though, it's just a strange mix of flavors for a frozen treat but when you really break it down: cartelized pineapples, maraschino cherries, and gooey cake batter: it sounds delicious.
  • Spicy hot chocolate -- Taylor yogurt machines are capable of mixing and matching all sorts of froyo flavors... but hot chocolate and jalapeno peppers? That's quite a burst of frozen fiery flavor.
  • Maple bacon doughnut -- lol.
  • Olive oil -- Frozen yogurt with olive oil and salt crystals is actually becoming a popular dessert options. It might taste strange the first time you try it, but if you love olive oil and Greek snacks, you'll probably start enjoying this frozen dessert.
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