Taylor Softech Ice Cream Machine Settings & Adjustments

Softech Control Boards

Mix Button

The first button starting from the left side of the Taylor Softech ice cream machine is the MIX button.  It turns the mix refrigeration system on, the mix compressor and the mix fan should come on and run until the product is at the desired temperature.  The mix probe senses the hopper temperature and lets the board know when cooling is required.  When the mix refrigeration system is running the red LED bulb above the mix button will be lit.  The mix refrigeration system should be running anytime there is product in the machine.  The mix refrigeration system keeps the product in the hopper at a safe food temperature.  It will come on automatically when the stand-by, or auto buttons are pressed. 

Standby Button

The next button is the STANDBY button.  This mode is for long periods of no use when you intend to leave product in the machine.  Before you turn the Taylor Softech ice cream machine to standby you should flip over or close the feed tube.  In stand-by the machine should keep the product in the freezing cylinders at a safe temperature, usually below 39 degrees.  Product in the freezing cylinders should return to liquid state while in standby.  The standby probe senses the temperature of the product in the cylinder and lets the board know if cooling is required.  The motor and compressor will run periodically but should run much less often than in auto mode.

Wash Button

The WASH button is for cleaning the machine.  Normally you will want to put the machine in wash mode about 15-20 minutes before you start to drain product for a clean out.  Keep it in wash mode until you have finished rinsing all product out of the machine, but turn it off once the water is out.  When in wash mode only the motor should run, this allows you to run water through the machine for cleaning purposes.  Very important! Never put water into the machine unless A.) The power switch is OFF or B.) The wash LED is lit. Never put the machine in auto when water is in the machine.  Freezing cylinders get very cold, very fast, any amount of water in the freezing cylinder will cause damage to the hex couplerbeater assemblyfreezer door or worse the freezing cylinder itself.

Auto Button

AUTO is for serving product.  Hit the auto button after you prime the machine with fresh product or when the machine has been in stand-by overnight.  Make sure to open or flip over the feed tube first.  The machine should start running and run until the product reaches the desired consistency or viscosity.

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In soft serve and frozen yogurt machines, the logic board measures the viscosity of the product by monitoring the amp draw of the beater motor.   When the machine reaches the set point, it cycles off and the product is ready.   In auto mode, you can only adjust product viscosity, temperature in the freezing cylinder is not monitored. 

The power board measures the amp draw.  L1 power supplied to the beater motor goes through the power board on the beater terminals.  Single phase and three phase units use the same Softech control, so the power board allows for different amp draw ranges.  A jumper on the power board determines the amp draw range.  Place the jumper on the pin that corresponds to the amp draw of the beater motor when the product is at the desired viscosity.

Setting the Viscosity Adjustment

1.  Place an amp probe on one of the L1 leads on the beater terminal on the power board.

2.  Turn the viscosity adjustment screw to the “MAX” position.

3.  With the freezer properly primed, press “AUTO”.

4.  During the freezing process, draw samples and inspect the product appearance.  When the desired product viscosity and appearance is achieved, note the beater amperage.

5.  Press “AUTO” to cancel the refrigeration cycle.

6.  Using the chart, set what range the beater motor amperage falls into and place the jumper on the corresponding pin.

                Viscosity Control Chart

                2.4 pin – 1.2 amp to 2.4 amp

                5.0 pin – 2.5 amp to 5.0 amp

                8.0 pin – 5.7 amp to 11.2 amp

7.  Press “AUTO”.  When amperage reaches the noted draw, turn the viscosity adjustment screw SLOWLY until the unit cycles off. 

8.  Draw several samples to verify the product and amperage when the machine cycles off remain consistent.

Adjusting Viscosity

To increase viscosity, or make the product harder, turn the dial clockwise towards maximum.  Important: The dial only turns a limited amount if it stops turning do not force it.

To decrease the viscosity, or make the product softer, turn the dial counter-clockwise towards minimum.  The dial only turns a limited amount do not force it once it stops.

We recommend you only turn the dial about 1 hour on the clock, at a time.  Once you have made your adjustment, pull the handle to start a new cycle, when the machine cycles off check the product again.


STANDBY mode is used for long periods of no sales, like overnight.  The purpose is to prevent over-beating of the product.

Standby temperature should be between 30° F and 35° F

Cut-out temperature is always be 4° F lower than the cut-in temperature.

Setting STANDBY Temperature

1.  Prime the machine with fresh mix.  Turn the Standby adjustment screw all the way to the left.  (The screw only moves a limited distance, do not force it.)

2. Press STANDBY

3. When the refrigeration system cycles off draw off some product and check the temperature. 

4.  Turning the adjustment screw clockwise will make the product colder.  Turn the screw about 1 hour and wait until the refrigeration system cycles off again.  Check the product temperature.

Adjusting STANDBY Temperature

You can only adjust STANDBY temperature when the product either has fresh refrigerated mix in it, or when it has been in STANDBY overnight.

1.  First thing in the morning, before you turn the machine to AUTO and only after the machine has been in STANDY overnight, draw off some product and take a temperature reading.

2.  Make a small 1 hour adjustment clockwise to make the product colder, counterclockwise to make the product warmer.

After your Taylor Softech ice cream machine has been in standby overnight the product should be in the liquid state, you should not have to start the motor to draw off liquid product.  If your product is not returning to the liquid state, it is either out of adjustment, or there is another problem.  Likely the Standby Probe or the Logic Board.


The mix setting is the temperature adjustment for the mix in the hopper (gravity fed) or mix cabinet (8751 and 8756).  In dual flavor machines, the mix adjustment on the left side controls both hoppers.  The mix adjustment on the right side control board does not function on a multi-flavor machine. 

The ideal mix temperature setting is 38° Fahrenheit (3.3 degrees Celsius) to 40° Fahrenheit (4.4° Celsius)

The cut out temperature will always be 13° Fahrenheit (7.2° Celsius) lower than the cut-in temperature.

The range for cut-in temperature is “MIN” approximately 52° Fahrenheit (11.0° Celsius) and “MAX” approximately 36° Fahrenheit

Setting the MIX Temperature

1.  Place a thermometer in the right-side hopper near the front.

2.  Turn the mix adjustment screw all the way to the “MAX”

3.  When the temperature in the mix reaches 30° turn the mix adjustment screw counterclockwise until the mix refrigeration cycles off.

4.  Allow the mix temperature to stabilize and adjust the setting if needed.

Adjusting the MIX Temperature

Adjust the MIX temperature colder by turning the mix dial clockwise.  The dial only turns a limited amount, do not force it.

Adjust the MIX temperature warmer by turning the mix dial counterclockwise.  The dial only turns a limited amount, do not force it.