frozen yogurt machine for sale

Running a frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop can be a lot of fun but it certainly isn't easy. There are hundreds of frozen yogurt establishments across the country that are only in businesses for a few years, sometimes only a few months, because they can't succeed in the competitive market. 

Retail sales of frozen yogurt and non-dairy ice cream products dropped 10% in the last two years, reaching about $299 million in 2016, but you can still have a very successful shop if you work hard and ensure that your business is fully equipped with not only the essential equipment, but top-of-the-line personnel. 

From shopping for a great frozen yogurt machine for sale to finding creative marketing strategies, here are some great tips for turning your frozen yogurt shop into a massive success within your community: 

  • Start strengthening your brand -- Just because you're running a small yogurt shop doesn't mean you shouldn't have a brand. The only way customers will visit your shop and keep coming back -- aside from a good product and service -- is if they can associate your shop with a positive brand. Take your shop's name, logo, interior design, and every other aspect seriously so it all reflects back to your brand.
  • Build a digital presence -- You're running a frozen yogurt shop and your main goal should be to get kids inside enjoying all those delicious you offer. What's the best way to reach kids in 2018? Being on and staying active on social media. If your shop doesn't have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account, kids are never going to think about your business unless they are physically walking or driving by. Providing constant updates and engaging on these social accounts, however, will encourage your followers to see your products and think, "It's time for some frozen yogurt!"
  • Get creative with advertising -- You can't shell out a significant amount of money on advertising because you'll likely need that cash to run other aspects of your business. But you can't neglect advertising, either. Try and get creative around your community so you can find affordable and effective ways to market your frozen yogurt.
  • Upgrade your equipment -- You're going to need more than some stir sticks and a large bucket if you're serious about creating delicious products. You should check out a high-quality frozen yogurt machine for sale so you can start deceiving your customers with amazing snacks.

If you want to learn more about succeeding in this fun and delicious industry, or if you’re looking for a high-quality frozen yogurt machine for sale (or a soft serve ice cream machine for sale), give Soft Serve Parts a call right away.