soft serve machineWhether you’re in charge of the concession stand at your local high school or you’re running a minor- or major-league stadium, it’s important to do everything you can to offer the best possible products to your loyal fans. The actual on-field play is out of your hands, but you should be able to improve virtually every other aspect of the fan’s experience. 

Here are some great tips for running a successful sporting complex and improving the fan experience:


    • Set up soft serve machines for ice cream -- If you’re not already serving ice cream, you’re in trouble. Even if you’re running an ice rink, you should still offer some kind of delicious frozen treat to customers. By having a few soft serve machines set up around your sporting establishment, you’ll be drastically improving the fan experience. Ice cream is actually among the top three items that astronauts miss the most on space missions (the other two products are pizza and fizzy drinks, both of which should be offered throughout your establishment, too). Plus, because soft serve is incredibly easy to serve, you can avoid long lines and angry customers.


    • Offer some fun contents -- Fan participation is key for any successful stadium or sporting complex. Even if only one or two people get to compete, everyone else watching and cheering on these fun-filled competitions will enjoy themselves, as well.


    • Remember what everyone is there for -- Though the food, drink, and fun competitions between players are great, people attend your events to watch a sport. You have to make sure you're not sacrificing fan viewership by causing too many distractions.


    • Overstaffing is better than understaffing -- Even on slow game days, having plenty of employees on staff is much better than not having enough. If you have a lot of employees on shift, they can do all sorts of things to keep your customers happy. If there aren't enough people on staff, however, the concession wait lines will be extremely long and many more problems will likely arise.


If you’re ready to improve the fan experience at your small-town concession stand or athletic stadium and want to check out some quality Taylor soft serve machines and other Taylor ice cream parts, contact our team right away.