taylor ice cream parts

There are so many important aspects of running an ice cream establishment. You have to have a friendly staff, pay all the bills, and keep your customers and employees happy.

The only way your ice cream shop can be successful, however, is to utilize top-of-the-line ice cream products. That's where Taylor ice cream parts come into play. Taylor ice cream machines and Taylor parts are excellent for the production of ice cream and similar frozen desserts.

Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining Taylor ice cream parts and soft serve machines:

  • Can I purchase Taylor parts directly from their factory? -- No, you cannot. You can, however, take advantage of their worldwide distributor organization for equipment purchasing and maintenance.
  • Can I perform maintenance on Taylor ice cream machines and other parts? -- You can, but your warranty won't be valid if you do. Taylor product's warranty is valid only if service is performed by a factory-trained, authorized service technician.
  • During equipment wiring, what power will my freezer need? -- Electrical specifications for new Taylor equipment are shown on the back of the spec sheet. It's essential to always refer back to the data label of the Taylor product during wiring and installation for exact electrical specifications.
  • Are there any federal requirements for ice cream? -- Yes, ice cream must contain at least 10% milk fat, before the addition of bulky ingredients, and must weigh a minimum of 4.5 pounds to the gallon, according to federal law. Typical soft serve mixes have 35% air overrun, so a 4-ounce soft serve mix cone by weight will appear to be about 6 ounces soft serve mix by volume.
  • How long has Taylor been distributing ice cream products? -- Taylor has been in the foodservice industry since 1926. In 1996, Taylor became ISO 9001 (standards related to quality management systems) registered.

Taylor ice cream machines and equipment are essential in order to compete in the frozen dessert market. If you want to learn more about Taylor ice cream parts or find a high-quality soft serve ice cream machine for sale, give Soft Serve Parts a call right away.