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X36267 Probe-Thermistor SSP replacement for Mix Cabinet

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X36267-SSP Thermistor Probe for Taylor mix cabinet - temperature sensor.

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Troubleshooting Tips:

* When this probe is defective it usually makes your mix cabinet too cold. If your Taylor mix cabinet is not cold enough this is probably not going to fix it. If the cabinet is too cold and causing the mix to freeze in the cabinet and it can not be adjusted by turning the mix adjustment towards minimum then this probe probably needs to be replaced.

* To test a thermistor probe on a Taylor machine you measure resistance with an ohm meter, the resistance chart is available in attachments below.

Taylor mix cabinet not cold enough?

* Clean the small air condenser inside the upper part of the machine.

* Check for ice on the evaporator coil inside the mix cabinet. The evaporator coil is located behind the small fan inside the lower mix cabinet. If the coils are iced, defrost the cabinet and inspect/replace the Taylor plastic mix cabinet door seal and any other places outside air may be flowing into the mix cabinet.

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