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036326-2 Plastic Feed Tube with 5/32" hole. Replaces Taylor feed tube.

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Plastic Feed Tube

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This plastic feed tube or stand pipe is commonly used in a long list of Taylor soft serve machines. This part in conjunction with the air orifice regulate the air product ratio.

This feed tube has a 5/32" hole which is the smallest hole available for this tube. You should use this tube with less dense mix such as non-fat, low fat and sorbets. This tube is also available with larger size holes for thicker products, see chart below.

Feed Tube Sizing Chart

036326-2 5/32" Hole Use this tube with thinner products like non-fat, low fat & fruit based mixes
036326-3 3/16" Hole Use with tube most products with a 4 to 10 percent fat content
036326-4 7/32" Hole Use this tube with thick products with higher than 10 percent fat or with any chunks

Fits Taylor Models

338, 339, 750, 751, 754, 774, 791, 794, 8751, 8754, C707, C709, C713, C717, C791 and C794.

Replacement Schedule

Commonly replaced because its broken or missing. You can operate without a feed tube, but your product quality will be GREATLY diminished.

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