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031324 Replacement Taylor Rear Shell Bearing

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Rear shell bearing for use in most Taylor Machines

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031324 Taylor Shell Bearing Replacement from Soft Serve Parts

What is a shell bearing? A shell bearing is the part that the beater's drive shaft goes through. The shell bearing's main function is to seal the ice cream from leaking out of the freezing barrel's rear into the Taylor machine's inside. The shell bearing also prevents dirty grease or particles from working their way into your ice cream.  Important!  To install this shell bearing properly you will require clear silicone sealant, ordered here.

How do I know if my shell bearing needs to be replaced? The 1st sign is excessive leakage into the black slide-out drip trays even though you have new drive shaft seals installed and they are sufficiently lubricated. If your drip trays accumulate more than a tablespoon of grease or ice cream in a week, that is a sign of a problem with either your shell bearing or the drive shaft seal, which needs to be replaced. In the pictures, you can see what an extremely worn-out shell bearing looks like; this is an extreme example; if you have any degree of the mushrooming shown in the pictures, you should replace the shell bearing.

O28991 Nickel Plated Brass Nut for 031324 Shell Bearing - order here


This Shell Bearing Fits Most Taylor Models.

104, 336, 338, 339, 358, 359, 5454, 5456, 60, 62, 632, 701T, 715, 731, 733, 741, 751, 754, 770, 772, 774, 777, 794, 8657, 8751, 8754, 8756, 8756 Single Stage Pump, 8757, C001, C002, C043, C606, C706, C707, C708, C709, C712, C713, C716, C717, C722, C723, H60, H63, H71, H84, Model 104, PH61, PH71, PH84, PH85, PH90


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